Best iPhone Apps

I know you’ve been waiting with anticipation to see what the rest of the top five best iPhone apps of all time looks like. Well your patience has paid off because here it is!

  1. Angry Birds

This is definitely an addictive game that the world has fallen deeply in love with. While I was an outsider to this fad, I got the gist of it… you slingshot birds –

ANGRY birds, toward stones, bricks and pigs. Like any game, there were levels, scores which you tried beating until you reigned supreme! Seriously though, many hours were spent slinging birds around… do you still play it?


  1. Twitter

That cute little blue bird came and stayed. Hashtags became popular and you had to get creative in composing your message in 140 characters. Twitter is definitely a different beast in the Social Media world. Some people use it to consume information in a smaller amount of time while others leverage it as a great networking tool to ‘follow’ their favourite businesses and celebrities.

  1. Facebook

I called it! I knew this was going to appear in the top five, however, I am surprised it’s not number one! I guess that would be a biased perspective – most people probably aren’t as addicted to Facebook as much as I am… this is an absolute no-brainer.

EVERYONE is on Facebook and it’s a great way to connect with past friends, distant family members, those people you met once at a party and you never talked to again… either way, there’s very few people you know who aren’t on Facebook… guaranteed.

  1. Google Maps

This is just a staple to any smartphone – if you’re mobile, you need a map. You need to know where you’re going, you need to estimate how long it’ll take for you to get to places… You couldn’t do the latter of these with that map that you bought from the gas station…

no real-time estimate which indicates current traffic conditions including construction, accidents, etc. It also includes estimates for walking, biking, public transportation – what more could you ask for?


  1. Instagram

If you’re owned by Facebook, you better be as successful and Instagram does not disappoint. With about 400 million users, it’s an unstoppable force in the Social Media realm and is not slowing down. With the in-app capabilities to add filters to images and integrate it with your Facebook account, your photos and videos now have farther reach! So keep taking those selfies – and don’t forget the hashtag before posting!

So there it is – the best ten iPhone apps of all time according to a research conducted a few months back. These ten cover a range of categories from communication, games, transportation to Social Media, none of which come as a surprise. When we look back at a newer, updated list the next time this list is revealed,

how much do you think will change? With hundreds of apps being made on a daily basis, I’ll venture to say that some of these will change, but the top five will likely remain pretty constant, but we’ll see!

Like many people, talking about me doesn’t come easy (though my friends will say otherwise!). I’ve recently started blogging and found it’s a great way to share my thoughts and opinion on things. While I won’t claim to be an expert on most things,

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