Cell phone world records – part 1

So let’s lighten up all this technology talk by looking at various world records set using cell phones. These are some creative people (with lots of time on their hands) – are you ready? Here we go!

Most Consecutive Ping Pong Bounces on a Cell Phone

This guy from India bounced a ping pong ball on a cell phone 4,122 times in a row! I wonder if he just couldn’t find a paddle or a buddy to play with? Either way, that’s some great concentration!

Longest Time Balancing A Cell Phone On His Middle Finger While Drinking Beer

This Canuck (jargon for Canadian) balanced his cell phone on his middle finger for some 13 minutes plus all while enjoying a beer. We’re guessing he only had one beer, because we all know what happens after having too many… balancing anything is quite the challenge!


Longest time balancing a cell phone on his nose on top of a drumstick

This is the very same guy who bounced the ping pong ball on his cell phone more than 4,000 times in a row… wow this guy definitely has a lot of time on his hands! Although when I first heard of the word drumstick, I thought of fried chicken… now THAT would’ve been a lot more impressive! But still, this is quite the accomplishment in itself! Can you balance a cell phone on your nose on a drumstick for 27.34 seconds while kneeling?

Farthest distance to catch a cell phone

This young American guy is just asking for trouble… Throwing a phone from 12 feet away is definitely something… but that something can quickly turn into nothing if that cell phone drops to the floor instead of his hands… If it happens, I hope it’s not an iPhone!

Longest distance to throw a cell phone

Ok so this is the opposite of the previous record, and the only thing I can think of is… did anyone catch it? I mean, really… 132 yards?!? If no one caught it, let’s hope it was already broken before it met its demise!

Most messages in a cell phone inbox

A man from the Philippines had 2,417 messages in his inbox. Either this guy didn’t know how to use a cell phone or someone was texting him like crazy. If accumulating that many messages was just for the sole purpose of breaking a record, he must have some people angry with him since he’s been ignoring their messages!


Most unread Facebook notifications on a smartphone

Chad Isaac from the US had about 250 unread Facebook notifications on his phone. Another case which makes me wonder… was he disconnected from Facebook for a long time, or was he trying to avoid someone? Either way, I didn’t know that the little red indicator even went up that high!

I hope this serves as some good, light reading for you. I definitely found quite a few of these interesting while others were frankly just a huge waste of time, but hey – to each their own. Think we’re done this list? NOPE! Stay tuned to future posts as we add to this list!

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