Four things you need to know about 4G

THREE times faster than 3G

Why should you care about it being faster? Well, that means that you can watch those awesome videos on Facebook as you scroll through your Feeds! We’ve all done it, we see what our friends are up to and the next thing you know, you’re watching cute dog videos. Same for YouTube – one video caught your eye and five hours later, you’re watching Britney Spears perform in Las Vegas. Yep, the internet is a great time suck, and we’ve all been guilty of it. People live on the internet, and the faster you can consume content, the better.

Just imagine – if you’re sitting there and waiting forever for things to load, you may get bored and do something else. Either you leave pages that take longer than others to load, or you jump off the Internet all together and do something else… maybe go outside?


Introduced in 2013

It took three years before the world would come to experience faster speeds. We had to be a bit more patient back then and accept that the current speeds were the best in the market. In fact it was, so we’d wait longer for videos to buffer and pages to load. Imagine how many more cute animal pics you could’ve liked in that amount of time! Don’t even get me started on how many Snapchat opportunities were missed! While thinking back to dial-up speeds may be a bit too extreme, it gives a good sense of what times were like back when things were much slower.

Although 3G was quite impressive at the time, it’s now a thing of the past and you know you think life is tough when it drops to this speed. We’re a spoiled generation, I tell you!

Different name in the US

The US decided to stick with LTE (Long Term Evolution) instead of naming them by generations. I have mixed feelings on this… while I think it’s great that it reflects their commitment to continuously improve speed, it doesn’t tell me how far they compare to the rest of the world. What if I wanted to know what number the generation is? Oh, right. Google. I personally think that regardless of its name, people just think of two states: working or not working. If the latter, how annoying does it get when it freezes in the middle of a really cool video online? Argh. 4G all the way!


5G expected to roll out in 2020

Four years from now we’ll get to experience faster speeds… but I’m sure that’s not all! With advances in technology, come enhanced devices as well! Hopefully this is coupled with more attractive cell phone plans too. They’re testing this right now and it looks like what’s ‘fast’ now will be a distant memory once 2020 rolls around.

The US should see 5G testing first introduced in Boston, New York and San Francisco this year. These cities will become even faster and busier, so watch out!

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