The 10 best cell phones of 2015 – part 2

As promised, here’s the rest of our top 10 cell phones of 2015… do you own any of these best sellers?

4. Galaxy Note 4

Do you not like having a separate phone from your tablet? How about a pen with that? Well the Galaxy Note 4 will check off these must-haves! Throw in a 16-megapixel camera and Snapdragon 806 system chip… are you sold yet? We don’t think this is a one hand typing type of device unless you have really long fingers!

But I’ve seen this in action and if I have a need to use all its functions, I would definitely consider this as my main device.

3. HTC One M9

I feel like owning this phone just for the name… feels very ‘Mission Impossible’. The sleek aluminum finish also makes it seem like it should be a Tom Cruise or James Bond phone! One of the best features on this phone is its 20-megapixel camera. Another great camera to take those action packed scenes… or… a selfie maybe?


2. Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s loyal customers have been accustomed to the company’s trademark features: micro SD slots, replaceable battery and sometimes water protection… but the S6 did not deliver any of these. Was that enough of a deterrent for customers?

Nope – people appreciated Samsung’s attempt at revamping their usual features. So much so that it made this list’s coveted number two spot.

1. Apple iPhone 6

Opening the list and closing the list is a small company you may have heard of: Apple. It maintained its top spot as the world’s best seller in 2015. Apple is really good at listening to its users and implemented highly requested features. It’s more slim but has a larger screen plus it includes Apple’s latest microchip processor which almost doubles the other phones on the list. Surprised that Apple was number one? We’re definitely not.

So you probably thought I miscounted since I listed six phones on the previous post and four on this one but nope! I wanted to share my personal take on these phones since I tend to swap phones quite a bit… not on purpose – it just happens!


I had the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge before trading it in for an iPhone 6S Plus. Why? Primarily because I bought a Macbook – I wanted both devices to easily ‘talk to each other’. While I had an iPhone about five years ago, I’d betrayed them and went with Androids. I must say that the transition wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. Apple really focuses on a great user experience, plus Apple Pay was the number one selling point for me. The one downfall is the lack of compatibility with my Asus Zen Watch 2. It’s an Android watch and though iOs has an Android Wear app, speaking into the watch and sending a text just isn’t the same. There’ve been way too many typos in my speech-to-text messages that

I just gave up on the watch… After all, I only paid $250+ for it while I spent over $800+ on the iPhone… easy math! While a lot of avid Android fans will challenge my opinion, I personally prefer the iPhone 6 Plus. Yes,

I may have challenges reaching letters on the other side of the phone due to its huge size, but it’s a fair trade for every other great feature I get with the an iOS device. I’m excited to see what future generation iPhones will offer – and whether or not Android can win me over again!

Like many people, talking about me doesn’t come easy (though my friends will say otherwise!). I’ve recently started blogging and found it’s a great way to share my thoughts and opinion on things. While I won’t claim to be an expert on most things,

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