Today’s Teens on Tech

So I’ve been blogging a lot about cell phones and wireless connections recently, and we all know the effect of personal devices have in our daily lives. But how exactly is it affecting today’s youth? If you’re a parent, is it hard to separate your kids from their iPhones?

Let’s take a look at some simple statistics and dive into how much time today’s youth are spending on their devices including Social Media, texting, playing video games, etc.

Devices owned

  • 53% of kids 8 to 12 (tweens) own a tablet
  • 67% of teens have their own smartphone
Teenagers with feet up
Teenagers with feet up

My mom barely let me use her cell phone when I was 12 – let alone owning a tablet! Plus we had no idea what a tablet was back then… so that’s another thing going against me. I remember having to work for my own smartphone and didn’t get a chance to buy one until I was about 17. Wow kids are truly spoiled–

I mean “privileged” today! Lucky! A year or two ago I heard that kindergartners are being taught using iPads. I remember using an abacus when I was learning how to count… how about you?

Girls vs Boys

  • 62% of teen boys like to play “a lot” of video games whereas only 20% of girls do
  • 29% of boys are Social Media fanatics while 44% of girls do

While it isn’t much of a surprise that boys like to play video games, I’m personally a bit surprised that the percentage of boys on Social Media isn’t higher than it is. Maybe numbers have increased since this research was conducted… with businesses on Social Media doing some target marketing on this demographic and appealing to both sexes, I bet there’ll be a bit of an increase in this number over the coming years.


Homework hampered?

  • 60% text while working on homework
  • 75% listen to music while working on homework

Gone are the days of going to the library for some “quiet time” to get your Math homework done. I’m sure this isn’t news to us – we all text and/or listen to music while we work, so is this really a concern? Sometimes we need those distractions in order to be more productive. Too much of one thing isn’t great, so studying shouldn’t be excluded from this, right? Depending on what I’m doing, the music genre playing in my headphones could be some upbeat pop song (for the mundane, non-thinking tasks) or it could be a slow, classic tune to help my brainwaves flow (for tasks that need my undivided concentration).

When work is super boring, you know you’ve spent more time on your phone than you should… trying to hide it from your boss. During lunch, or when you’re in the bathroom I bet you’re on your phone as well…

so really, when are we, adults, really off our own devices? As more mature, responsible human beings, we just know how to multitask. We get things done in their expected timeframes while taking that text message break every few minutes, or ‘like’ a cute cat picture that pops up on our Facebook wall. So should we be concerned that your kids are doing this too?

Like many people, talking about me doesn’t come easy (though my friends will say otherwise!). I’ve recently started blogging and found it’s a great way to share my thoughts and opinion on things. While I won’t claim to be an expert on most things,

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