Top 10 IOS Mobile Apps

Like many smartphone owners today, you likely have a sea of mobile applications on your device. Some you use religiously throughout the day, while others sit there for months until you end up deleting up when you do a purge of unused apps.

This post focuses on the top 10 iOS mobile apps – some of which you may also be using regularly on your device:

  1. Uber

Very few people in the world who don’t know, or don’t have Uber available to them are missing out. If not Uber specifically, then copycat services like Lyft or Hailo are must-haves.

With a few clicks you can hail a taxi to your address, follow your route on a GPS and pay the driver within the app using the Credit Card that you have on file. It’s like having your own personal driver whenever you need it!


  1. Youtube

Of course Youtube would be on this list, but I’m surprised it isn’t higher up! From viral videos of people doing crazy things to makeup tutorials, Youtube has something for everyone. Plus with their sharing capabilities, half of the videos you see on Facebook are Youtube based, so just because you’re not on Youtube doesn’t mean you’re not using Youtube. It’s everywhere!

  1. Vine

I’m not a huge Vine fan myself, but I’ve seen a few funny clips. So the premise here is that video clips are short (10-20 seconds I believe) and whoever is being recorded makes their impact within those few seconds.

I’d venture to say there’s a ton of editing that happen to make sure the intended message is being squeezed into that small timeframe. Give it a try!

  1. WeChat

Developed in China, WeChat was introduced to the masses back in 2011. With its services available across the major operating systems, it’s a serious contender for other text and voice messaging services. Apparently as of May 2016, they had a over one billion accounts created, with 700 million considered “active users” with more than 70 million of them outside of China. Wow that’s a serious pool of loyal customers!


  1. Find My iPhone

When I first owned an iOS device, I thought it was pure genius to have an app like this… definitely an unprecedented feature in smartphones. Now that I think about it, should this app be as high as it is on this list? It’d be a little sad to think that this feature is being used a lot because that would equate to more iOS devices missing. Take good care of your Apple devices because they certainly are anything but cheap!

As we had done before, we’ll continue this list on another blog post – I want to make sure you’re fully engaged and captivated by my writing! Any guesses as to what the top five will look like?

Something tells me Facebook and Angry Birds will be on this list, but not sure what number they take… stay tuned for the top five best iPhone apps of all time!

Like many people, talking about me doesn’t come easy (though my friends will say otherwise!). I’ve recently started blogging and found it’s a great way to share my thoughts and opinion on things. While I won’t claim to be an expert on most things,

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