Why We Built It

Like many people, talking about me doesn’t come easy (though my friends will say otherwise!). I’ve recently started blogging and found it’s a great way to share my thoughts and opinion on things. While I won’t claim to be an expert on most things, I definitely will give you facts and complement them with my own reviews. Unless the topic at hand are Horror Movies or Big Brother (I’m a fanatic),

I won’t challenge those who are more knowledgeable than me on the topics I write about.

So let’s get back to my blogging and how that started. I think it makes sense to take you through a little journey of where I’ve been and how I got here. I’ve been working in the Customer Service industry since I was 15. McDonald’s was my introduction into the working world, which I’m sure is similar to others. From there I worked at Shoppers Drug Mart and Future Shop. Then eBay came along and changed my world, my first step into the online world. They were in Vancouver for a few years but decided to outsource all our jobs and moved them back to the US or overseas. I guess that was the right decision for them since it was at the cusp of a recession, but I’m sure the other 700+ people who got laid off alongside me would disagree. I had an opportunity to get back together with eBay for a couple of years in Toronto which propelled my career even further. When my contract ended, I moved back to Vancouver. I like to think that eBay and I are in an ‘on-again and off-again’ type of relationship. We’ll see if we get back together one day!


I decided to take the summer off to think about where I want to take my career next. Start something exciting or go back into Customer Service? I’m not sure yet, but in the meantime I’ve found solace in blogging.

I love the limited rules that you need to adhere to – it’s just all about free flowing thoughts to share with people around the world, and that’s how you ended up here!

So I hope to take you on this crazy journey where I discover new topics with you, and to share my insights on them. I’d love to hear from you if I’m ever wrong on anything… it gives me a chance to learn something new and more importantly, I don’t want to give wrong information to my readers! Definitely looking forward to your comments and feedback – whether it be just a simple ‘hello’ (insert Adelle’s song here) or to provide more meat to my posts. So stay tuned, I’ve got more exciting wisdom to share with you! I’m definitely a friendly, outgoing personality and if you and I ever get the chance to meet, you’ll notice that the way I sound in my blog posts is exactly what I sound like in person. I hope that through reading my posts you’ll get to know me and enjoy what I write for you.

Feel free to send some topics my way and I’ll do my best to be as thoughtful and insightful with them as possible. See you in the blogosphere and talk to you soon!